About this blog

It seems that all Cambridge students work in the City after they graduate, doesn’t it? The job adverts are everywhere – and you hear that there are lots of  successful applicants on your course. But did you know that our data reveals that only a small percentage of graduates actually join the City sector?

It may surprise you, but just 8% of Cambridge graduates landed City sector jobs in 2016/2017 (Management Consultancy, Banking, Accountancy, Law). In fact, our most popular career destination was teaching/lecturing (14%), followed by healthcare (6%), and then scientific research (5%).

There are two main reasons why the City sector appears so popular:

  • City recruiters are able to spend a lot of money on campaigns to win over Cambridge graduates. Visually this makes the sector appear far more prominent than any other, as other sectors do not have the budgets to compete with these recruitment pushes.
  • If you know someone who has a job sorted by February it will probably be a City job. This is simply because of the early application timeline, compared to other sectors.

Run a quick search and find out what graduates from your course went on to do: www.careers.cam.ac.uk/dlhe/summary/index

During term, this blog will feature stories and advice on non-City sectors so that you can find out about the alternatives really out there.

Our Q & A with Gordon Chesterman (Director of the Careers Service) explains how and why we go out of our way to support those interested in careers outside of the City: